Qué significa "gangland violence" en español


"gangland violence" en español

gangland violence
  • violencia de pandillas
  • violencia de las pandillas

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He also called for an end to gangland violence.
Making it hard to get drugs makes it more dangerous for the users and the extraordinary profits that suppliers can make leads to gangland violence.
He had a couple of mates, a fast car and the safety of a public area not normally the scene of gangland violence.
Over the last year, the area has been blighted by an unprecedented wave of gangland violence.
This all stems from the recent escalation in gangland violence in the city.
We have seen unprecedented gangland violence in the last few weeks.
It sounds like yet another sordid chapter in the life of the hip-hip mogul, with gangland violence and music-industry ego intersecting in violence.
True enough, there are fraternities aplenty in this country that have made frats almost synonymous with gangs and gangland violence from hazing and rumbles.
This crime raised the nation's simmering resentment over gangland violence to a boil.

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