Qué significa "gangrene set in" en español


"gangrene set in" en español

gangrene set in
  • gangrena establecida en
  • gangrena ambientada en

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But blood flow could not be restored, and the fingers had to be amputated after gangrene set in.
Doctors tried their best to save the leg, but after gangrene set in, it was decided to amputate the leg below the knee.
A circulation problem developed in her right leg, gangrene set in and amputation became necessary.
Among the moralistic exhibits on display is the amputated hip of a young man whose attempt at tattooing himself to "attract women's attention" went awry when gangrene set in.
The doctors tried to save his limbs but gangrene set in and his arms and leg had to be amputated.
The blood vessels and nerves were so severely compressed that gangrene set in.
As gangrene set in, his right leg was amputated just above the knee, his left leg just below the knee.
And, things were getting worse, to the point where poor circulation and gangrene set in.

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