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"gangsta rapper" en español

gangsta rapper
  • rapero gangsta

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A string of yelled expletives followed -- the one-time purity-ring-wearing churchgoer swears like a gangsta rapper -- the gist of which was that she was back.
Summertime '06 is a rap album, so there's a lot of dense lyricism about being a gangsta rapper.
This was his reality as a gangsta rapper, the lifestyle he rhymed to.
That's a pretty huge deal coming from a guy who's arguably seen as today's modern gangsta rapper.
These include a gangsta rapper who talks in ghetto rhymes and four children too shy to give their names.
If you a gangsta, be the dopest gangsta rapper you can be.
And it's never appropriate for an old white man to use the phrase "gangsta rapper" in a sentence.

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