Qué significa "gaping maw" en español


"gaping maw" en español

gaping maw
  • maw boquiabierto
  • maw hueco

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By the mid-70s, people were more accustomed to the gaping maw of empty shelves in shops.
Ever wanted to remove something after it had been swallowed up in the gaping maw of the internet?
How handy that'll be for the gaping maw of aquariums around the world so greedy to add wild caught dolphins and belugas to their genetic greed pools.
With some, the gaping maw of their families' starvation keeps these women on the streets.
His circumstances were so wholly unbelievable he didn't even have the wits to scream but took another step back with one hand clapped tight across his gaping maw.
It's not many blockbusters that have the central conceit of a man ultimately trying to destroy his own grandfather by flying into his gaping maw.
All the stargazer has to do is rapidly open its gaping maw, and the resulting vacuum drags the prey to its doom.
Walk into its gaping maw, inscribed with "all reason departs," and you'll find a picnic table.
But as a writer and a teacher of those who would deliver this stuff into the great, gaping maw of the web?
This is what we tell ourselves as journalists, over and again, as we tirelessly feed that vast, gaping maw of the media beast.

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