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"gaping mouth" en español

gaping mouth
  • boca abierta

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Between hope and history lies the gaping mouth of an abyss.
Last-minute decisions save some from embarking on the unfortunate trip and lead others to the gaping mouth of death.
Majestic century-old cypress trees crashed in slow motion and disappeared into the gaping mouth of the sinkhole then forming.
They also made gargoyles, spoon warmers (insert the spoon into the gaping mouth of a beastie), and both decorated and plain pots.
A spooky, solitary gargoyle juts out from the top of the fieldstone tower -- a half man, half ram beast with a gaping mouth.
The storefront is a gaping mouth, waiting for passersby to let their guard down.
He roars again, blue flames spewing from his gaping mouth.
Pictures after the final match of his gaping mouth, bellowing towards supporters, have become a symbol of the entire club's determination to succeed.

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