Qué significa "gaping void" en español


"gaping void" en español

gaping void
  • vacío enorme
  • vacío hueco

Ejemplos de uso para "gaping void" en inglés

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Beyond the first string of athletes, there's a gaping void.
His "brothers" on the street had filled a gaping void, and he knew he could always count on them to have his back.
Otherwise, there is a gaping void where his performance should be.
Smith's absence also leaves a gaping void at fullback for the southerners.
There is such a gaping void of non-information.
But he was defined not so much by the work he did as by the gaping void he filled.
The applicant phase is gone, leaving a gaping void in a previously confirmed process.
Long neglected federally, urban affairs is the gaping void in 21st-century public policy.
An institutional blindness prevails as clubs and volunteers go to extraordinary lengths to bridge the gaping void left behind.

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