Qué significa "garage band" en español


"garage band" en español

garage band
  • banda de garaje

Ejemplos de uso para "garage band" en inglés

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If you were in a garage band, how would you respond?
In the first video for the newly launched campaign, people use milk to help them play basketball and rock out in a garage band.
Raucous gospel music gives way to a garage band, which eventually falls apart.
She studied town planning, poetry and classical music, learned to play guitar, and at night played rock in a garage band.
Then a friend wanted to do a movie about a garage band.
It was almost like we were in a high-school garage band.
There's the $50 billion submarine program that is currently less organised than a high school garage band.
It's going to be much more difficult if you're the local garage band.
Perhaps a little more time with his garage band, which plays classic rock from the '60s and '70s.
It's a great little demo mic, but it's not appropriate for recording your garage band.