Qué significa "garage floor" en español


"garage floor" en español

garage floor
  • piso de garaje

Ejemplos de uso para "garage floor" en inglés

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Antifreeze from the car can leak onto the garage floor, and its sweet taste attracts animals.
In our view, there was no necessity for the homeowner to replace the garage floor.
Investigators believe the pressure washer was used to clean the garage floor, according to court documents.
Mats, blankets and dishes are piled up on the garage floor.
Nine months later, the 51-year-old was dead, her body found on the garage floor.
Soon the bar patrons were peering through the windows and across police tape at a body on the garage floor, he says.
The bones were in a pile of what appeared to be food waste on the garage floor.
They also alleged that there were puddles of frozen urine on the garage floor.