Qué significa "garage rock" en español


"garage rock" en español

garage rock
  • roca garaje
  • garage rock

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In 2005, the garage rock revival was at its zenith and dance music was slipping back into the clubs.
Several years later, the garage rock revival bands would take his good work to a far wider audience than he ever had.
He's got blues, soul, folk and garage rock -- all of which you can listen to on his debut album.
Homme and his band play a mixture of glam and garage rock.
Then they were more of a conventional garage rock band, albeit with psychedelic rock nuances and the occasional dalliance in shoegaze.
So, nothing to do with seventies garage rock...
Much of their back catalog focuses on forging lyrical displays of immaturity and sweet garage rock grooves.
It shows the band further tempering their early sonic rowdiness without losing any of the manic garage rock energy they're known for.
Garage rock has undergone a serious rejuvenation in recent memory.
But it's definitely their defining tune, the song which pushed them up from their garage rock beginnings to an entirely new level of acclaim.