Qué significa "garage roof" en español


"garage roof" en español

garage roof
  • techo de garaje

Ejemplos de uso para "garage roof" en inglés

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Apart from a few scratches on the garage roof, amazingly our house and cars were undamaged.
It was not clear how the vehicle got onto the garage roof.
The lightning apparently struck the vehicle through the garage roof.
Another truck had been lifted 100mm by the force 100mm damaging the top of a garage roof.
He eventually gave himself up after climbing a garage roof.
The garage roof was in bad shape and so, he thought, they would make the perfect new roof, complete with holes all ready for the shingle nails.
When that's unsuccessful he climbs on to the garage roof and takes a look inside.
The garage roof caught fire and the blaze quickly spread to the laundry.

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