Qué significa "garage wall" en español


"garage wall" en español

garage wall
  • pared del garaje
  • muro de garaje

Ejemplos de uso para "garage wall" en inglés

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He started moving a car in the garage, but in his panic he reversed the car with the boot too close to the garage wall.
I can't imagine anything more beautiful than a clematis and climbing rose planted together against a fence or on a trellis, secured to the garage wall.
Lying in a shallow gully beside the garage wall, were 11 gold bars wrapped in red-and-white cloth.
Most are controlled by switches on the garage wall, as well as by remote controls carried by the owner.
She said the impact of the crash into the gate was so severe that it had pushed both the cars parked in front of the gate into the garage wall.
What are those strange symbols on the garage wall?
He has the framed sales agreement for the car, kept undercover at his same home address for 37 years, mounted on his garage wall.
If all else fails, he'll go back to building his car, the basic chassis of which hangs on his garage wall.
All told, seven complaints have been received, including one from a driver who was pinned by the vehicle against a garage wall.

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