Qué significa "garbage bin" en español


"garbage bin" en español

garbage bin
  • papelera de basura
  • cubo de basura

Ejemplos de uso para "garbage bin" en inglés

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Another journalist was arrested similarly for posting a photograph a woman looking for food in a garbage bin.
Behind a garbage bin, the officer found a large dead rat.
For the players, it is another chance at reaching for the garbage bin.
This will help to detract animals and give homeowners a clear view of any furry creatures roaming near the garbage bin.
Four years later, revolution had thrown them into history's garbage bin.
I imagined, like others did, that with central planning tossed in history's garbage bin, the government would get out of the business of doing business.
Disposables you just fold and drop in the nearest garbage bin.
Opening door and drawer systems (included for the first time this year), and concealed garbage bin/disposal units are also popular.
As a result, the driver was injured, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a nearby garbage bin.