Qué significa "garbage haulers" en español


"garbage haulers" en español

garbage haulers
  • camioneros de basura
  • transportadores de basura

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Garbage haulers are not the worst offenders: trucks carrying wood and steel have higher rates of inspection failures.
They pay $57.59 per ton to dump, compared with the standard fee that garbage haulers pay of $75.55 per ton, according to the report.
Private garbage haulers are the scariest things on the road.
The city government's environmental protection and waste management department also enlisted the barangays, out-of-school-youth, schools and garbage haulers in enforcing greenie laws particularly on littering.
Experts say most garbage haulers are responsible, and don't wait for the ministry to inspect their trucks.
If you want to get extra creative, pay a gratuity to someone who doesn't normally receive any appreciation like the garbage haulers or your postal worker.
The operation also included holding sit-downs to resolve disputes among the garbage haulers, the indictment charged.
Customers can expect seeing the service fee increase passed on to them in the form of a slightly higher bill from commercial garbage haulers.
For starters, municipalities pay less to garbage haulers by reducing the amount of tonnage that goes to landfills or incinerators.

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