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"garbage pickers" en español

garbage pickers
  • recolectores de basura

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Garbage pickers and municipal workers with exceptional delivery in the previous quarter must be nominated through a process and felicitated in the quarterly meeting.
One lot of shanties belongs to garbage pickers and sorters.
In the meantime, some residents of the area have purchased garbage pickers, so they can remove the debris without touching it with their bare hands.
Do not put them in the garbage at home or at the office where garbage pickers lurk.
They are mostly garbage pickers, taxi drivers, manual labourers - the nameless, faceless people who keep a largely thankless city afloat.
An army of garbage pickers will be deployed to remove the most obvious waste from the lagoons -- the furniture and electronics and maybe even the dead fish.
Most of the children were garbage pickers and beggars.
Dec. 18, 2012 was the deadline for the city government to fulfil a constitutional court order for all organised garbage pickers to be included in the waste disposal business nationwide.
Most societies relegate garbage pickers to their lowest rungs.
At least 2,500 of these residents are catadores, garbage pickers who make their living sorting recyclables from the refuse, then selling them to local processors.

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