Qué significa "garbage strewn" en español


"garbage strewn" en español

garbage strewn
  • basura sembrada
  • basura esparcida

Ejemplos de uso para "garbage strewn" en inglés

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The beauty of a large number of trees with round coverings has been spoiled by litter and garbage strewn all along the way.
They saw liquor bottles, tea cups and garbage strewn all over and decided to shoulder the responsibility of cleaning the park.
Clean up the garbage strewn around the remote community and keep it cleaned up!
In the vicinity of the underpass are many slum clusters, and the garbage strewn around had flowed back into the drains and blocked them.
As it is the road gets clogged when school ends, and with garbage strewn all over the problem is compounded.
Markets are the most unhygienic place with garbage strewn all around for days together.
The view from the bus windows was shocking -- makeshift houses with poor sanitation, garbage strewn everywhere, young children in bare feet.
There were showers without nozzles, garbage strewn everywhere.
There was garbage strewn across the floor, broken glass, looted vending machines and graffiti to clean up.
If you see something wrong, whether it's as simple as garbage strewn around, strive to do something about it.

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