Qué significa "garden accessories" en español


"garden accessories" en español

garden accessories
  • accesorios de jardín

Ejemplos de uso para "garden accessories" en inglés

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I loved the collectables but there was tons of holiday gift ideas, garden accessories and so much more.
Of course, there were also the regular free lectures on various plant and horticultural topics and a commercial bazaar and trade booths selling plants, garden accessories and other horticultural merchandise.
Their stores present a broad selection of distinctive merchandise, including framed art, mirrors, candles, lamps, picture frames, accent rugs, garden accessories and artificial floral products.
This year's show will also feature scores of stands in the shopping and crafts marquee selling a variety of goods from country crafts, clothing, garden accessories and hot tubs.
Earthen miniatures, bird houses and garden accessories will add a classic look to the decor.
Now overgrown and neglected, the lost items and garden accessories will transform the land, and could even see the title of the city's most beautiful garden awarded to the mansion.
Their seasonal department also offers a wide variety of nursery products and garden accessories.
Or they can just be beautiful and expensive garden accessories for the very wealthy, as this one is.
I have a hockey bag full of prototypes, whether they were hockey inventions, kitchenware inventions, garden accessories or medical devices.

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