Qué significa "garden benches" en español


"garden benches" en español

garden benches
  • bancos de jardín

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The competitions will be on public dustbins, footpaths, garden benches, tree guards and public toilets.
The majority of stock consists of vintage items for garden and conservatory, bird baths, rose arches, garden benches, and small pieces of furniture.
But it has also angered a number of elderly residents by ordering them to remove garden benches and flower pots from outside their flats for health-and-safety reasons.
Those sale pieces include garden benches, statues, gnomes, folk art concrete pieces and some larger urns.
For example, if your house has blue trim you could plant blue flowers or use blue ceramic pots or blue garden benches or chairs.
Garden benches and tables must be cleaned and repainted, if needed.
True, we are always grovelling around on all fours weeding and pruning, but the real reason is most garden benches are too uncomfortable.
And there'll be secluded garden benches for those confidential chats.
Others, alive or gone, are remembered on inscribed plaques affixed to garden benches scattered throughout the garden.

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