Qué significa "garden bloom" en español


"garden bloom" en español

garden bloom
  • flor de jardín
  • flor del jardín

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If the sample has lots of big, fat phytoplankton, you can be sure that the ecosystem is healthy and "blooming", much like your garden blooms in springtime.
A single tree laden with fragrant flowers make the whole garden bloom.
They stand tall taller than many other garden blooms and always seem to perk up our moods.
The plants in my garden bloomed longer and with more zest than they had in years.
But then looking beyond his room, into the garden blooming with roses, he sits down to paint them.
Her garden bloomed, and so did her little enclave as artists, writers and journalists discovered the neighbourhood and moved in.
Curiously, though, for all this conflict black metal remains a heterodoxy, a fertile garden blooming with stark and unusual mutations.
They meet for movie nights and card games, and trade tips on how to keep their front gardens blooming.
The 83 pool villas have sleek marble bathrooms with floor-to-ceiling doors that open to gardens blooming with orchids, jasmine and birds of paradise.

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