Qué significa "garden gate" en español


"garden gate" en español

garden gate
  • puerta de jardín
  • puerta del jardín

Ejemplos de uso para "garden gate" en inglés

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Given his injury issues there wasn't a queue of suitors at the garden gate.
I look closer and see that he has backed into the garden gate, the one he built so proudly.
The child looked solid, but disappeared near the garden gate.
The concept is to get people imagining what lies beyond the garden gate, tempting and inviting you to explore along their journey.
With her moving aid parked at the garden gate, she crawls on her backside into the garden and begins work every day with no assistance.
All you get is the briefest of glimpses over the garden gate and then the high front hedge obliterates it from view again.
He'd opened the garden gate and the family dog ran out into the street.
I don't want to venture outside the garden gate and be this multi-talented finger in every pie.

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