Qué significa "garden ornaments" en español


"garden ornaments" en español

garden ornaments
  • adornos de jardín

Ejemplos de uso para "garden ornaments" en inglés

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He patiently told us the price of the wind-chimes and garden ornaments.
I was inundated with offers from talented users who could make scrapbooks, hand-drawn postcards, dreamcatchers, jewellery and garden ornaments.
You will also likely see little statues and other garden ornaments, such as mirrors.
Once you start thinking about objects that were commonplace in old gardens, many could be used as garden ornaments.
Fortunately, the walls are in a reasonable state of repair and some of the original garden ornaments remain on the property.
There are many types of garden ornaments that survived the grandiose palace garden in today's kampung.
As a potter who likes to work large, she is working on a line of larger garden ornaments.
This brought about the complete selling-out of these garden ornaments.
Which one stole garden ornaments and as a child?
Garden ornaments of the same colour can be used as echoes too.

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