Qué significa "garden patio" en español


"garden patio" en español

garden patio
  • patio jardín

Ejemplos de uso para "garden patio" en inglés

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Or seek out the garden patio, which offers the same gorgeous view, to sip your sundowner in the chef's herb garden.
A family has spoken of their horror and disgust after they watched a huntsman club a fox to death on a garden patio.
Unit 103 has a remodelled kitchen, a terrific enclosed balcony that resembles a garden patio, and a cosy fireplace that is the focal point of the generously sized living room.
A red-tile roof, coved plaster ceilings and gracefully arched front windows and entryways lend authenticity and character to a gently updated home with a private garden patio and converted garage.
The amenities will include cafeteria, recreational area, garden patio, landscaped area and a memory care treatment space.
Colourful geometric garden patio - geometric patterns take all forms in this modern garden patio!
To the right is a porch-like room, to the left, a glass enclosed room that is similar to an outdoor garden patio, but inside.
This coming spring they are planning to turn their backyard into a garden patio area seating 15, in addition to their indoor seating of 40.
The partly enclosed garden patio, which seats 80, feels larger than the original.

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