Qué significa "garden trees" en español


"garden trees" en español

garden trees
  • árboles de jardín

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It takes about four years for most shrubs to achieve a nice height, for small garden trees to reach some maturity, and for herbaceous borders to produce bountiful blooms.
Also, one should water their garden trees or plants in a way that the leaves have a few drops of water on them.
Should we fell them now, will it spread to other garden trees?
They have benefited from the improved management of many parks, and the growing maturity of the urban forest of garden trees and railway woodlands.
In addition to garden furniture, they also offer wood wick candles, furniture covers, natural paving, garden tools, garden umbrellas, garden trees, garden sprinklers, fencing and trellis, natural paving, etc.
They rated well up there on any self-respecting landscape designer's top 10 list of desireable home garden trees.
But only take on a tree surgeon who is sensitive to garden trees and to birches in particular.
Other popular deciduous garden trees such as albizzia, quercus and malus are not far behind, so expect their spring form soon.
Now, in this festive season the cosy little structure looked like a little jewel shining amid thick foliage in its garden trees.

Ejemplos de uso para "garden trees" en español

EnglishI have trees in my garden, I have planted trees in my garden and I like to see trees when I am driving around.
Tengo árboles en mi jardín. He plantado árboles en mi jardín y me gusta ver árboles cuando voy por la carretera.

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