Qué significa "gardening books" en español


"gardening books" en español

gardening books
  • libros de jardinería

Ejemplos de uso para "gardening books" en inglés

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Her tiny home-from-home had furniture, carpet, curtains, magazines, gardening books and a small stove.
Gardening books and magazine articles, however, direct you to plant now.
Gardening books and paraphernalia will again be on sale as well as potted primroses to brighten the dark days till spring.
Gardening books that showcase lovely gardens of all sorts are another possibility.
Vegetable gardening books are mantras to the sun.
Hundreds of gardening books are published each year but too few are deeply thought-provoking.
Was it really down to a passion for antiquarian gardening books?
Gardening books or magazines are still a favorite gift.
His substantial library was sold over 8 evenings in 1732 and pleasingly included some gardening books.

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