Qué significa "gardening enthusiasts" en español


"gardening enthusiasts" en español

gardening enthusiasts
  • entusiastas de la jardinería
  • aficionados a la jardinería

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Gardening enthusiasts, and everyone in general, appreciate good hedge art.
Gardening enthusiasts, shutterbugs and families will be excited at the stunning displays.
Last year's membership stopped just short of 40, although more gardening enthusiasts showed up to occasionally help.
Gardening enthusiasts can then enter more than one category so that their specific speciality can be recognised.
Unlike most flowering plants, the bougainvillea is not the preferred choice of gardening enthusiasts.
We trust it will appeal to both collectors and gardening enthusiasts alike.
The event concluded with a lucky draw session, where five gardening enthusiasts each won a personal session on basic floral arrangement.
New interest groups, from mountain bikers to gardening enthusiasts, have also been making their way to the island.
It will also be now that these passionate gardening enthusiasts will be planting seeds to raise seedlings for spring planting.
Wayne says though they are farmers, they are also gardeners, so the event gives them the opportunity every year to meet gardening enthusiasts.

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