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"gardening equipment" en español

gardening equipment
  • equipo de jardinería

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Old bed sheets, used tins of paint, gardening equipment, lumber anything that might be of use.
Some of these containers in and around where people live include the saucers of potted plants, vases, drums, tyres, gardening equipment, guttering and drains.
While sales of party food, alcohol, televisions and tablet devices were buoyant, traditional summer sellers such as barbecues, gardening equipment, outdoor furniture and summer clothing all suffered.
A total of 3 409 households were given seedlings and gardening equipment.
With built-in seats, we try to create storage underneath -- useful for cushions and gardening equipment.
It was extremely special spending the day with an amazing group of individuals that benefitted from the purchase of the gardening equipment.
The team also found the time to repair four of the family's bikes and some of the gardening equipment.
I've bought all sorts of things, from wetsuits to gardening equipment and dozens of books.
Compost bags or gardening equipment left outside, usually in the rear yard or garden.
All necessary equipment will be provided, but volunteers are welcome to bring their own gardening equipment.

Ejemplos de uso para "gardening equipment" en español

Englishgardening tools and equipment

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