Qué significa "gardening project" en español


"gardening project" en español

gardening project
  • proyecto de jardinería

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An agricultural celebration, planned for early this fall, will raise money for a gardening project.
The silence is broken once you enter the school grounds and watch farmers' wives-turned-teachers supervise a gardening project, providing the children with hands-on knowledge of biology and nature.
Another gift idea is a nice planter; gardeners are always thinking ahead to their next gardening project, and a lovely planter is a lasting keepsake that will certainly get used!
Diarmuid told the kids how the town was on its knees until 2008 when a great new innovative community gardening project scheme was born.
A gardening project is teaching new skills, while giving the pupils a sense of pride in their environment.
Carnie hopes her neighbourhood gardening project will see people growing fruit trees and vegetables on their grass verges for everyone to share.
Laura studies numeracy, literacy and basic money management at college three days a week, and spends a fourth day at a gardening project for people with learning disabilities.
It makes a wonderful gardening project, and you can use the resulting new plants yourself or give them to gardening friends.
Whenever helpers are sought for a community gardening project, we invariably pitch in.

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