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"garlic butter" en español

garlic butter
  • mantequilla de ajo

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Brush the lobsters with some of the garlic butter on both sides.
Loosen the foil from the potatoes, cut a cross in the top of them, squeeze gently and spoon the garlic butter on top.
The mussels with garlic butter ($8.99) are fresh and plump, steamed perfectly.
The only real difference is that you don't inject a chair with garlic butter.
It's also an excuse for more buns to mop up the garlic butter.
Next comes the garlic butter -- and this is the time-consuming bit.
With added garlic butter at the end, this makes a truly delicious summertime meal.
The free bread and garlic butter wins your heart over before you even open the menu and the $4 spaghetti bolognaise is a sure winner.
Do not, my friends, become addicted to garlic butter, or it will take hold of you and you will resent its absence!
There was plenty of home-made garlic butter nan and cucumber raita to go around.

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