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"garlic chives" en español

garlic chives
  • cebollino de ajo
  • cebollinos de ajo

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Alliums include small-growing herbs such as chives and garlic chives, leeks and shallots.
They include chives, spring onions, flat leaf chives and garlic chives.
Mauve-flowering garlic chives would combine well with this sun-loving combination, too.
Made with seasonal veggies, it is seasoned generously with charred ngari (fermented fish), cilantro, garlic chives and bhut jolokia.
Add julienned radish, green onions and garlic chives and fold gently to thoroughly coat vegetables with the sauce.
Chinese chives (allium tuberosum), or garlic chives as they are also called, are a close relative of ordinary chives and can be grown by the same cultivation methods.
And garlic chives could soon be a thing in mainstream salad chillers.
Add the bean sprouts, garlic chives or spring onions and noodles, along with the sauce mix.
I don't actually believe ramps are any better or more wild-tasting than garlic chives or 860 other related wild onions that nobody pays attention to.

Ejemplos de uso para "garlic chives" en español


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