Qué significa "garment bag" en español


"garment bag" en español

garment bag
  • bolsa de ropa

Ejemplos de uso para "garment bag" en inglés

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But where else do they cover the coat on the back of your chair with a garment bag?
Once the door was closed, he carefully unzipped a garment bag, already packed to deliver to its new owner.
Wearing a tux and holding a garment bag, he instead focused on the need for federal attention to the state's coastline.
She begins messing about in the garment bag and the shopping bag.
She ran up and grabbed the garment bag from her closet and headed out to her mom's car, out into the black and the orange.
But the innovative product opens up into a garment bag large enough for two suits with three pockets for toiletries and even two pockets for shoes.
There are even "garment bag" bicycle panniers available, much like those used in air travel.
Hunter favors putting his suits in garment bag and carrying it on the plane.
Heidi walked to a waiting car across the slippery sidewalk in sensible black, low-heeled boots, holding a black garment bag.
At the dry cleaners, bring your own garment bag for pickups or ask for your clothes to be returned free of plastic wrap.

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