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"garment design" en español

garment design
  • diseño de prendas

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Vietnam also lacks local garment design talents and famous garment brands, which have significant development potentials.
Each garment designed to promote confidence through fabric and fit, while suiting body shape.
The pre-vocational scheme is another such concession, where students can drop either math, science or social science in favour of vocational subjects like cookery, garment design, etc.
Garments designed for men and women will be displayed alongside advertising material, fashion plates, photographs and films.
The models are dressed in garments designed out of the lungi, yes, of the lungi dance fame.
My actual garment designing process begins with fabric sourcing.
The rayon jersey and cotton voile garments designed with bright prints and embroideries make them perfect for any occasion.
Slimane's collections have also consisted more of a random assortment of individually salable pieces than a set of garments designed around a concept or theme.
Mid-season collections from these decades featured distinctive sets of garments designed to fit into emerging lifestyle trends.

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