Qué significa "garment export" en español


"garment export" en español

garment export
  • exportación de prendas de vestir
garment exporters
  • exportadores de prendas de vestir

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The economy is expected to grow by 7 per cent again this year, with strong support from garment export, agriculture, tourism, construction and the financial sector.
India's garment export is expected to rise to $20 billion during the current fiscal, helped by the new initiatives announced by the government for the sector, an industry official said.
Analysts say the renewed political turmoil could threaten the country's $24 billion garment export industry, already under pressure after a string of fatal accidents.
Hence, he started working in a garment export company.
There were plots at national and international levels to impede garment export.
He said it would be possible to achieve the $50 billion garment export target by 2021 if the current stability sustains.
I was the enterprising one and started helping my father in the garment export business.
Noida's labour department and workers associations confirm, while many garment export and manufacturing units have started pulling down shutters, many people who work on contract basis have been rendered jobless.
The three other pillars are garment export, real estate and construction, and agriculture.
Her stint at a young age at her father's garment export business did help her in understanding the commercial side of the industry.
Besides, the garment exporters also demanded the amendment of the provision of local cloth word replace with cloth of own enterprises.
The garment exporters also get incentive from the government.
Adding to the strain, garment exporters are under pressure to further reduce prices to retain customers.
Successful garment exporters will be those that adjust to the reality of the post post-quota world.
Garment exporters have to import fabrics, threads, buttons and other raw materials to make garments.
Also, the ministry last month inspected around 500 factories, which were mainly involved in subcontracting for garment exporters.
Leather garment exporters import 60% to 70% of raw material for manufacturing different products.
He further said that garment exporters' complain of delays in sales tax refunds.
It has raised renewed questions about industrial safety in the country, which is one of the world's top garment exporters.
This will help save the country many dollars, he said noting that now the garment exporters import them.

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