Qué significa "garment factory" en español


"garment factory" en español

garment factory
  • fábrica de prendas de vestir

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Law enforcement agencies are convinced that a vested quarter instigated people to take to the streets and vandalise over 200 vehicles and a garment factory.
One is a garment factory, the other a steel processing plant and the third is a beverage maker.
The office he sits in used to be a garment factory, with high ceilings and wide doors.
Today, a rich man can have a shoe showroom, can put a garment factory.
Almost half of the garment factory workers were either in debt themselves, or were helping to pay off a relative's debt.
The difference is perhaps that the estates have voters who deliver block votes but the garment factory workers don't deliver block votes.
Prashant initially started a garment factory as he wanted to "something different".
Venkatalakshmi, a garment factory employee, agrees with her.

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