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garment industry
  • industria de la confección

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Despite the progress in some factories, there are still accusations and counter-accusations of less than savoury practices in the garment industry.
He also ordered the authorities to admit the children as per the interim order to avoid inconvenience to parents, who work in the garment industry.
It was the worst accident in the garment industry -- anywhere -- and one of the world's worst industrial tragedies.
It's about raising awareness of modern slavery in the garment industry, and ensuring human rights are as valued as profits.
Most of the work available is in agriculture or in the garment industry, which is now the second largest in the world.
Consequently, the garment industry is worried about the outcome of the immigration debate and watching closely to see what happens.
Due to the ongoing political turmoil the garment industry is facing a serious image crisis.
However, many soon come to realise that the garment industry is riddled with contradictions and disappointments.
A sector that started to grow quickly in the 1980s, the garment industry has never been accountable to the country's labor laws and regulations.

Ejemplos de uso para "garment industry" en español

Englishgarment industry

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