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"garment production" en español

garment production
  • producción de prendas de vestir

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If we train 500,000 people to produce shoes daily, train others on garment production and other areas, we would not need to import any of these items again.
This course focuses on garment production and design construction.
For proper costing of a garment, and cost reduction, it is necessary to have good understanding of the fabric quality and various fabric losses that occur during garment production.
Demand has revived both in the overseas and domestic markets giving a fillip to garment production and exports during the last eight months.
I wanted to fill that gap and create modern wedding gowns, for women who are aware of the issues in garment production and are looking for an alternative.
As it turns out, automated garment production has, for decades, been something of a holy grail among clothing manufacturers.
Garment production always moves to less-developed nations to sustain the low price.
Above all there was no skilled labour for garment production centres.
The first phase, which is expected to commence in few months, would be only for garment production.

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