Qué significa "garment worker" en español


"garment worker" en español

garment worker
  • trabajador de prendas de vestir
  • trabajador de la confección

Ejemplos de uso para "garment worker" en inglés

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During that fire, the woman had gotten a call from her twenty-four-year-old son, a garment worker.
Wages at the factory are about $43 a week for a garment worker.
A homeworker might earn $1.50 to make 24 shirts, while a garment worker in a factory could make roughly twice that for an eight-hour day.
Shanthamma, a garment worker in her mid-thirties, could not say how the protests started.
On the other hand, a garment worker is worried about putting food on the table.
The salary of a garment worker may be higher than that of a farmer, the living and working conditions may turn daily city life into a nightmare.
The union warns that if the garment worker requests are not addressed, they will protest until they see results.

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