Qué significa "garner a majority" en español


"garner a majority" en español

garner a majority
  • obtener una mayoría

Ejemplos de uso para "garner a majority" en inglés

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At that time, as now, the proposals aimed at the wealthy were the only ones to garner majority support.
But that's not the case on the issue of teacher evaluation, where the district's proposals are more likely to garner majority support.
It has garnered majority support in national polls too, and legislators in more than 20 states have vowed to introduce versions.
Neither garnered the majority needed to win outright, but previous candidates and their supporters have since offered endorsements to each, making the final outcome unpredictable.
What we know is that the petitioners must garner a majority vote tomorrow -- at least eight justices.
To win an election, a presidential candidate needs to garner a majority, or at least 270 of 538 electoral votes.
So in a vast sea of discounted games, it seems that only a relative handful garnered the majority of actual consumer interest.
Pirate websites and for profit operations tend to garner the majority of headlines worldwide.
Even so, these proposals do not garner majority support from any party group.
A successful candidate is one who can garner the majority of votes in his or her respective constituency regardless of religious views.

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