Qué significa "garner rave" en español


"garner rave" en español

garner rave
  • granner rave
  • Garner rave

Ejemplos de uso para "garner rave" en inglés

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For example, the fashionable eye-care desk reading table lamp has garnered rave reviews at the trade show, which leads us to consider increasing the production rate for this particular product.
The movie, which for financial reasons is seeing its theatrical release only now, has garnered rave reviews from critics and jury members who've seen it.
Understandably, it has garnered rave reviews from bike magazines all over the world.
His paintings have been garnering rave reviews and appreciation on the internet.
She's been garnering rave reviews across the board and is widely tipped for greatness.
Garnering rave reviews for her theatrics and, of course, that phenomenal powerhouse voice, the singer shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.
Ahlbom is a genius theatre maker and master of special effects whose shows garner rave reviews and play to sell-out houses everywhere they go.
Despite garnering rave reviews, the film saw a very limited release.
Dowding's lost gargoyle series garnered rave reviews and several award nominations.

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