Qué significa "garner the attention" en español


"garner the attention" en español

garner the attention
  • atraer la atención
  • llamar la atención

Ejemplos de uso para "garner the attention" en inglés

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And that appeals not just to readers but to advertisers, who love our audience but shrink sometimes at the methods we employ to garner attention.
And there are conspiracy theories that accuse her of making up the threats against her to garner attention.
Gein said that many of the criminals thrive on attention and see the products as a way to garner attention.
Indeed, sometimes a fascinating backstory is enough to garner attention.
It's another to exploit a fragile electorate to garner attention.
Plenty of movie stars have run for office before, and they can always rely on their name to garner attention.
Raila craves confrontation, farce and crass spectacle, which he obsessively stages to garner attention.
Some of my friends speak of deleting tweets that failed to garner attention.
Sutton is quickly building a reputation of saying ridiculously outrageous statements simply to garner attention, and this feels like yet another ploy to me.
The whole thing started to look as if someone was trying too hard to garner attention.

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