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"gas absorbs" en español

gas absorbs
  • absorbe el gas
  • absorbe gas

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Nitrous oxide can contribute significantly to atmospheric warming because, pound for pound, this greenhouse gas absorbs 300 times more radiation than carbon dioxide.
Once in the atmosphere, the light gas absorbs the sun's heat and overheats the atmosphere with a potency 84 times greater than carbon dioxide.
The gas absorbs some of the emission, creating a tiny dip in the signal.
The ejected gas absorbs high-energy ultraviolet radiation, and spits it back out as lower-energy, safe-for-kids infrared and visible light, creating extra light at very specific wavelengths.
It represents how well a gas absorbs heat or, in other words, how long a gas sticks around to warm the earth.
Global warming potential is a measure of the total energy that a gas absorbs over a particular period of time compared with carbon dioxide over that same period of time.
A quasar's spectrum reveals how the intervening gas absorbs some of the quasar's light.
Studies have revealed that the gas absorbs into the blood and gets transferred to the lungs, where it gets exhaled.
It sends a directed beam of terahertz radiation into the cloud; the gas absorbs the radiation with a characteristic spectral frequency signature.
For decades, astronomers have found distant galaxies by detecting the way their gas absorbs light from a bright quasar in the background.

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