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gas atoms
  • átomos de gas

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Poets say science takes away from the beauty of the stars -- mere globs of gas atoms.
Small dust particles will essentially act like a simultaneous bombardment by a lot of gas atoms.
Unlike in other experiments which have attempted to cool gas atoms, the scientists found their molecules had a relatively long lifetime of about 2.5 seconds.
The electrons in the gas atoms absorb the laser energy and subsequently re-emit it in the form of an attosecond pulse.
In the quantum optics laboratory, the researchers have a small glass tube that contains a cloud of billions of caesium gas atoms.
The study aimed to model these strongly interacting systems, using lithium gas atoms to stand in for electrons.
It is practically transparent, so dense that not even the smallest gas atoms can penetrate it, and it conducts electricity and heat beautifully.
They generate higher voltage to extract high energy electrons from the heated cathodes and so the extracted electrons excite the gas atoms without fail.
Radiation pressure is more subtle and often ignored -- the momentum from the light is transferred to the gas atoms when light is absorbed.

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