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gas cap
  • tapa de gas

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Moving rapidly, replace the pump and the gas cap, get back into your vehicle and drive away as quickly as possible.
Thanks to tighter emission regulations, if a vehicle fault -- like a loose gas cap -- is corrected, it has to pass a series of retests before the light will go out.
The most common reason for a check engine light is still the famous loose gas cap.
Technicians will often tighten the gas cap for free, or replace it for a few dollars.
At about 90,000 miles, the check gas cap warning light came on, and shortly thereafter, the check engine light came on as well.
Every external part had to be seamless, right down to the flush-mounted gas cap.
Areas to check include the purge solenoid, gas cap, canister vent solenoid and the system's quick-disconnect fittings.
The oils are significantly under-saturated and there is no indication of a primary gas cap.
Pull in to the side of the pump which places your gas cap toward the building, putting the vehicle between you and the street.

Ejemplos de uso para "gas cap" en español

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