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"gas car" en español

gas car
  • coche de gasolina
  • coche de gas

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I think what's needed more people committed to pushing limits and exploring, and less to say (oh well, it's hard, get an extended range or a gas car).
Whereas with a gas car, it's emissions stay the same throughout it's life.
With a gas car, you can drive whereever you want and fill up whereever too.
At approx. $40,000 it is quite affordable, relative to a comparable fully loaded, mid-size gas car.
You can keep driving a gas car if you enjoy paying 4 bucks a gallon for gas.
I don't think we're going to be seeing the gas car for too much longer.
But even today, a century later, with all we know now, a solid 85% of the energy derived from oil is still wasted on the gas car.
The company offers employees, for example, $3,000 towards the purchase of an electric, hybrid, or compressed natural gas car.

Ejemplos de uso para "gas car" en español

Englishthis car guzzles gas
Englishthis car guzzles gas
Englishto gas up the car
Englishthis car guzzles gas

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gas sustantivo
gas adjetivo
car sustantivo
car adjetivo