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"gas delivery" en español

gas delivery
  • entrega de gas

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The medical gas delivery and vacuum system provides anesthetic drugs and oxygen to patients during surgery.
He noted, however, that the development of an appropriate infrastructure for a cost-effective and sustained gas delivery to consumers had become a challenge affecting the gas sector.
They gave away $36 million in potential savings associated with gas delivery costs.
This, he noted, was to ensure that gas delivery infrastructure does not disrupt supply chain to the power generating facilities.
He's pegged gas delivery and management costs at $313 million and transmission costs at $359 million.
The initial project start-up is expected in the second half of 2019 with gas delivery from five wells, to be followed by another three wells in early 2020.
This builds additional costs into gas delivery.
The gas delivery systems formed the largest segment in the industrial gas handling equipment market in 2015.
The types of gas delivery systems include gas cylinders, control panels, manifolds, switchovers, high pressure changeover systems, and protocol stations.
In a sign of fraying nerves, the son of a gas delivery driver was briefly detained because he had canisters in his car.

Ejemplos de uso para "gas delivery" en español

EnglishRussia must give evidence of acting in good faith and do everything in its power to see that gas delivery resumes without delay.
Rusia debe dar muestras de que actúa de buena fe y hacer todo lo que esté en sus manos para que los suministros de gas se restablezcan sin demora.

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