Qué significa "gas deposit" en español


"gas deposit" en español

gas deposit
  • depósito de gas

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He says the locals believe if the gas deposit is developed by authorities concerned, the locals will also benefit along with the nation.
The new oil field has an estimated capacity of 8,200 b/d, while the gas deposit is about 1.7 million cubic meters per day.
Major unexploited oil and gas deposits are believed to lie under the seabed.
There is no doubt that thermal power stations should be stationed here, it makes sense, and gas deposits are here.
It is rich in natural resources with large copper and gas deposits.
Most important -- less romantic but incomparably more lucrative than an old boat -- are oil and gas deposits.
It is rich in a number of valuable minerals including vast copper and natural gas deposits.
Just last week, the country opened its borders to international bidders to explore and develop some of the vast natural gas deposits.
Usually it is only possible to extract about a third of shale gas deposits.
The exploration has been promising so far, as the company identified what could be a large gas deposit.