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"gas engine" en español

gas engine
  • motor de gas

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Chevrolet claims that if you had to run the entire time on the gas engine, you could go 500 km.
If you do go onto the gas engine, you have still contributed considerably fewer emissions than a gasoline-only car.
The electric motor does not directly power the vehicle, but instead provides power for the gas engine.
It is fed into a gas engine, which drives an alternator to produce electricity.
Many people think that adding an electric motor gives a boost of power comparable to a gas engine - not so.
This customer will also have a garage to install a rapid-charging station -- and another car with a gas engine.
Gas engine power plants require less time to build and install, usually taking between 20 and 30 months.
The gas engine will of course ensure that the car can be driven -- quickly -- regardless of state of charge.
Further, the report states that microturbine is a relatively new technology compared with its gas engine counterparts.

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