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"gas flame" en español

gas flame
  • llama de gas

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After bundling up and putting on safety goggles, he moistened the tip of a glass tube with the substance and heated it over a gas flame.
He then added more hot water to the pot before boiling it to velvety perfection over a gas flame.
The club's two colors are red and blue, representing the colors of a gas flame.
Water is heated in it by a gas flame, boiling and siphoning into a chamber placed above the bulb.
F with a roar that looks and sounds like a large, blue natural gas flame.
Inside this chamber you'll see the roar and glow of what looks like a bright, natural gas flame.
I used a tiny gas flame to make all kinds of copper lampshades.
Sometimes the gas flame even burns off the handles of the cooking vessels as they put too much fire while cooking.
Blacken the capsicums directly over a gas flame and place in a plastic bag to sweat.
But you can also grill aubergines or ripe capsicums over a naked gas flame.

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