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gas furnace
  • horno de gas

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A gas furnace, air conditioner and ventilation unit are also part of the package.
Such systems would be more easily converted to a gas furnace.
The plastic caught fire, igniting a gas furnace, and the whole thing went up in flames.
Consumers who benefit from a more expensive technology will purchase that technology -- and in this case, it is a higher efficiency condensing natural gas furnace.
Each unit has a natural gas furnace, audible fire alarm system and high efficiency lighting.
For example, heat pumps are very efficient for heating and produce zero greenhouse gases as opposed to a natural gas furnace (95 per cent efficient).
A regular home has a gas furnace for heat and a line to a coal-fired power plant for electricity.
In some cases, a gas furnace will need to be replaced every 15 years.
For either of these scenarios, a gas furnace is the most economical choice.
To fix the problem we replaced our central air conditioner and gas furnace - which had been installed in 2003 - with super high-efficiency models.

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