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"gas generator" en español

gas generator
  • generador de gas

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She has another area in the house that holds her baby kiln, which runs off a gas generator.
Then his baritone rumbles to life like a gas generator.
Surely the interconnector is overloaded because the wind farms shut down, not because the gas generator output fluctuated.
So if an expensive gas generator sets a high price, all of the coal and renewable energy generators make windfall profits -- at the consumer's expense.
The natural gas generator uses the wind turbines grid systems to create an efficiently operating unit.
Gas generator found in a hole next to the tunnel chamber.
I've flown lots of turbine-powered helicopters where you don't have to worry about the -they have a gas generator that makes the power.
The difference is that it used a staged combustion cycle, and the new one uses gas generator cycle.
I think every electric car should have a small gas generator at the very least.
So if that's an expensive gas generator, all generators are paid handsome prices, regardless of how much it costs them to generate electricity.

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