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"gas giant" en español

gas giant
  • gigante del gas
  • gigante gaseoso

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It is considered a gas giant, as it is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium.
Neptune is beyond the asteroid belt and is also known as a gas giant.
Not a gas giant, but a rocky planet orbiting in and of the star.
Not much is known about this planet other than the fact that it's a gas giant.
We don't have any pictures from the inside of the atmosphere of a gas giant.
That alone distinguishes the "wavemaker" moon from the 61 others orbiting the gas giant.
The second is that this image has more significance than simply being a picture of the gas giant.
The shadow of the rings is also clearly seen near the south pole of the gas giant.
It includes seven exoplanets orbiting a star with the small rocky planets close to their host star and the gas giant planets further away.
However, the first high-resolution images of the gas giant are still a few weeks away.

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