Qué significa "gas guzzling" en español


"gas guzzling" en español

gas guzzling
  • gas tragando
  • gas deslumbrante

Ejemplos de uso para "gas guzzling" en inglés

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It was such an antiquated, gas guzzling, poorly assembled piece of rubbish.
The large, gas guzzling, rear-wheel drive behemoths have been the favorites of limo drivers, taxi drivers and police officers for more than a generation.
Hope he's saying this to his gas guzzling compatriots.
They're gas guzzling slugs that prevent everybody from moving.
Those who did not, berated it for its ground clearance and gas guzzling nature.
Currently the noisy, gas guzzling turbine engines provide the thrust required to move the aircraft from the airport terminal to the runway during takeoff, and back during landing.
A heavy vehicle combined with a huge 3000cc engine and automatic transmission translates into gas guzzling behaviour!
I'm stuck at 2500klm and a car that is nothing but a gas guzzling transmission slipping heap of junk.

Ejemplos de uso para "gas guzzling" en español

EnglishAt first we perhaps hoped it would just be gas-guzzling American cars that would be affected.
En primer lugar, quizá esperábamos que fueran los vehículos americanos con un consumo intensivo de energía los que se vieran afectados.
EnglishWe cannot complain about petrol being too expensive, yet at the same time allow the car industry to build gas-guzzling vehicles.
No podemos quejarnos de que la gasolina es demasiado cara y al mismo tiempo permitir que el sector de la automoción construya vehículos que consumen verdaderas barbaridades.

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